Peace of mind and trust for you and your entire family at a discounted rate. Sign up today for this easy-to-use accountability software available for all of your devices.


Thanks for your Accountable2You in partnership with Believers Fellowship. We hope this resource is a blessing to you and your family.

By accessing A2Y through the BF website, you get access to a discounted rate for you and your family. We hope you will utilize this service to provide online safety and accountability on all of your electronic devices. Thanks for partnering with us!


Single User Account: $7/month (up to 6 devices)

Family Account: $12.02/month (up to 20 devices with child-designated accounts)

If you need financial assistance, please contact Pastor Seth at [email protected]




*Please Note: Your content, online activity, and your A2Y account are confidential. No one can see the contents of your account or online activity except the user and any accountability partners you authorize. While this resource is provided in partnership between Believers Fellowship and A2Y, church staff/volunteers cannot and do not monitor user activity.